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SELLERS- Graystone charges 2.5% - 5% commission

Save Thousands $1,000's using Graystone Realty

You don’t need to pay a realtor a fortune to list and sell your home. I am a full service brokerage agent that believes our industry typically charges homeowners way too much money to sell their homes simply because they have a real estate license.  Your home is typically your largest and most important investment and you deserve to profit and build wealth through this investment and not have to give away your equity to some realtor.  Let me help you keep your investment by hiring Graystone Realty. 


Graystone’s goal is to help people sell their home and keep their equity in their pocket for their next adventure in life.  You made a huge investment in buying your home and maintaining it.  Why do you have to give back so much of your hard earned equity by paying a real estate agent 6% or 7% to sell your home.  It can take years to build up 6% - 7% of equity.  Colorado real estate over the long term only increase approximately 3.5%  annually.  That means you will be giving away two (2) to three (3) years of your equity to some realtor that worked with you for a few months time.  That doesn't seem fair.  


Graystone will only charge an average of 3.5% in total Commissions; 2.5% with no co-op (another broker bringing the buyer) and 5% in the event another broker brings the buyer.  Graystone is a FULL Service brokerage firm that will provide the same or usually better service than other brokers do, but for thousands less.


                LIST WITH TYPICAL REALTOR                                                                   LIST WITH GRAYSTONE

Home Price                                                  $500,000                              Home Price                                        $500,000          

Typical Broker Fee 6%                         ( $30,000)                              Graystone Fee Avg. 3.5%          ($17,500)*

Net Proceeds w/ Typical Realtor     $470,000                            Net Proceeds w/Graystone       $482,500

That's an additional $12,500.00 that stays in your pocket where it belongs.  

*Listing Fee:  2.5%  when we sell your home without having to pay a cooperating broker fee, and a 5% fee when you have to pay a cooperating broker who brings a buyer.   We pay co-op broker 2.5% vs. 3% typical.  


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