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BUYERS- We especially love helping Buyers find the perfect home.


Does Graystone Realty, LLC also act as a buyer’s agent?
Absolutely, we especially love to work with buyers and help them find exactly what they are looking for and work to ensure everything is handled properly and for you to know we are looking out for your best interest.  


Do I have to pay for this service?

No, the seller pays for this service based on their listing contract.

What are the benefits of using a buyer’s agent?

A buyers agent works for you. We are licensed and insured to enter properties that are for sale and can make sure you are viewing properties that fit your needs at your convenience.  We will determine what your needs and desires are and help you search and find properties available for sale and coming on the market. Because we focus on Fox Acres and Pelican Lake Ranch we know about properties that haven't even been listed yet, which can save you $1,000's. 

Do I need a buyer’s agent if I am buying new construction?
We absolutely recommend using a buyers agent for new construction. There is a lot to know and we can simplify it for you. We do not want your needs to get overlooked, and you need someone to help make sure your new home building process stays on track.  Graystone's principal has been working in the new home construction business for 25 years and will be a huge asset to you if you choose to purchase a brand new home.  As your buyers agent, we also work to protect your earnest money and help negotiate the contract.

Does Graystone Realty, LLC offer financing? 
We do not offer financing at this time but do have some very reliable lenders we can recommend. Depending on where your are purchasing there may be financing programs available through builders at different home communities.

Who handles the offers and other paperwork?
Our team at Graystone Realty works together to make sure everything runs smoothly when you are purchasing a home.

I am not ready to buy yet but will still like to be kept up to date on properties, can someone send me updates?
Absolutely, we can set you up on the email alerts. When homes becomes available on the MLS you will get a notification immediately.



How do I know how much house I can afford?
Your lender will go thru the pre-qualification process with you to determine what you can afford.


Do I need a pre-qualifying letter?
Yes, Northern Colorado’s housing market is booming. Any offer you place on a home needs to be accompanied by the pre qualification letter.


How do we know how much to offer in this market?
Once we find the property you want to purchase, we will do a complete market analysis to make sure it is worth what they are selling it for.


What if the house we want has multiple offers?
Multiple offers on properties for sale is common. Some offers will have escalation clauses, flexibility with closing dates, full cash, elimination of inspections, coming to the table with the cash difference from the appraisal, etc. Graystone Realty, LLC wants to protect you and your investment during the buying process. It is not wise to spend more on a home than what it will appraise for. Each transaction is different and we will offer suggestions to help guide you on making the decisions that best meet your needs. 

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